Connie Morrison & Skipper Hammond
Take on Leadership Responsibilities for Writer's Alliance

Constance Ann Morrison is the new WAG Treasurer. Constance or "Connie" has a
background in bookkeeping and takes over the treasurer and board member duties from
Rick Sapp who served in that capacity since May 2011. Any questions relating to WAG finances or expenses
may be directed to Connie or to WAG President Art Crummer.
[Member Note: Solidly "in the black" WAG is a registered Florida non-profit organization. President Art Crummer (as well as
former President Wendy Thornton) have worked with the IRS to have WAG's non-profit status recognized by federal authorities.]
WAG's Skipper Hammond has volunteered to coordinate WAG creative pods. If you have a question,
comment or idea about our pods for our new coordinator, contact her here.

Submission Period Extended!
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
The Bacopa Literary Review team has extended the Contest entry submission period
for all genres to midnight, August 15. WAG members are allowed one free submission
and for non-WAG-members, the fee is only $11 per submission - for a chance to winds hundreds of $$!
Click here for submission guidelines.

- Contest Submissions still Open! -
The Writer's Alliance of Gainesville proudly announces that
it is now planning the 2014 issue of its annual print journal the Bacopa Literary Review.
This means, of course, that it has established submission dates
for poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction.

Contest Submission Dates: April 1-August 15
Cash Prizes will be awarded for 1st Place ($350), 2nd Place ($200) and 3rd Place ($100)
in Poetry, Fiction and Creative Nonfiction genres.
Click here for submission guidelines.

The March/April 2014 issue of The WAG Digest is now available.
Good stuff inside. Check here.

WAG member Noel Neff has published a story about WAG (!) on the new all-about-Gainesville web site
"Writers Alliance Members Flourish in 'Pods'" is the headline so check it out soon - and join a critique pod. You won't regret it.
Great story Noel. Nicely crafted.

Satchel Raye can be entertaining. He's a white guy with glasses and graying hair. No immaculately-dressed character here. No professional speaker. No speaker with an agenda or outline or power point presentation or handouts or even a story line. He's a chunky white guy in tennis shoes, a businessman with a smile and a family and a few compulsions. He's been around, some, and he'll be happy to tell you about that, his travels, the car he cut up, the German girls he and his chum picked up on the way to California. Satchel is by way of an artist - if you can call the junk he has piled onto his business premises "art" - although he minds his pizza business first, his family and art next - stained glass and canvas - and some writing at night. Did I mention that he was an entertaining white guy who talks and people seem to like him?

Satchel Raye Talks

To WAG About His Life, His Travels,
His Pizza, His Family, His Blog ...

Satchel Raye knows how to promote his business. He gives to the community, "invests," he might say, and isn't shy - should he be? - to tell you about it. Satchel's Pizza has a very good reputation around Gainesville. His bumper stickers are everywhere. "My main gig is painting," he admits. "We don't have a TV and I don't read. My wife reads a lot, everything."
Satchel blogs. Satchel journals. Satchel is obsessed about so many things .... One of them is writing and you can read some of his stuff on the backs of his menus, the walls, the tables, the undersides of the chairs - probably the toilet paper (unused) in his restaurant, and you can also check out his "satchblog." Satchel Raye is a big, chunky white guy in T and tennies who says he has a compulsion to write, but then again, that compulsion is spread in so many directions.

WAG Volunteer Highlight
Carol Ray Skipper - Program Coordinator

By Susie Baxter



Click the Coming Programs tab for information on the speakers and topics that our current program chairman, Carol Ray Skipper has lined up for the balance of 2014:


June 8: Satchel Raye

    Finding Time to Write in a Busy Schedule

July 20: Katharine Rowe

    Intellectual Property - Yours, Mine, Ours?

August 3: Mary Ann de Stefano

    From First to Final Draft Opening the Door

September 14: Hank Conner

    A Dream Job   Talking with Writers

October 12: Dylan Klempner

     Arts in Medicine

November 9: Editors and Writers

    Bacopa Literary Review 2014

December: Holiday Party


     Pleasing WAG’s 135 members with interesting and motivating speakers month after month is not an easy task. Yet on the second Sunday of each month, Millhopper library’s largest meeting room is consistently packed with WAG members and guests, thanks to the programs brought to us by WAG’s past and current program chairmen.


     When not recruiting speakers for WAG’s program agenda or sending a note of thanks to a past speaker (WAG speakers are not paid), Carol writes poetry, short stories, and children’s books. Her poetry has been published in Senior Times and Bacopa, A Literary Review.  Her children’s elementary chapter book, Coco, The Homeless Labradoodle, is her most recent publication. She is now writing a sequel to the Coco story and has several other projects in the works, including a young adult novel, a script that takes place in an assisted living facility, and several picture books, one of which will be illustrated by pediatric patients under the direction of the Arts in Medicine program at Shands, University of Florida. An active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and Florida Writers Association, Carol also serves as WAG’s critique pod leader for Children’s Literature.


     Born and raised in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Carol is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. She moved to Florida in the early 1970s, first to the greater Orlando area and then to St. Petersburg.  In 2003, she and her lawyer husband, Chester relocated to Marion County’s horse country where they built their French-country home.


     After a twenty-year career in the insurance Industry, Carol worked with Pinellas County public schools and as a substitute teacher in private schools before becoming the office manager for the Skipper law firm. When asked what is or has been her most important job, Carol said, “I’m a mom, nana, and I was a foster mom.”


     Have an idea for a program of interest to writers? Contact Program Chairman, Carol Ray Skipper, (To read Susie Baxter's profile of WAG volunteer pod coordinator Connie Morrison, click here.)

Please check out the WAG Pod page for a story and photo about our new Pod Coordinator, Connie Morrison.
Written by WAG VP Susie Baxter, the pod highlights some surprising accomplishments (and developments)
in the life of this super volunteer.

New developments on the WAG Tale page. Best-selling author Stuart Woods interviewed and discusses motivation - the personal need to create and the private need to pay for his toys. Also WAG member and mystery series writer Michael Wallace "MW" Gordon.
A professor emeritus at UF's Levin College of Law, Mike is reinventing his life in a mystery series featuring a fly fishing guide!

Lezlie Laws Gives Animated Talk to SRO WAG Crowd

Lezlie Laws, PhD, professor at Rollins College, Winter Park, was the WAG presenter on May 18. Her subject was "The Inner Critic: Where Writing and Spirit Collide."

Lezlie Laws (left) discusses her "LifeArt" presentations with Writers Alliance member Katherine Leverence.

Lezlie teaches literature and creative writing. She finally turned the message corner emphasizing creativity before learning about proper "writing form."

According to Lezlie Laws, there are "Ten Big Ideas" for flourishing in your artful life. Here are two of them.

1. Kill, maim or at least silence the "inner critic," the small but persistent voice that says you can't, you're not good enough, you don't have the right contacts, you don't ... you can't ... you aren't.

7. Show up every day - full-out - on behalf of your intention, Lezlie says. No half-hearted attempts; no letting yourself off the hook. Surround yourself with supportive people, books and experiences.

And for the balance of Lezlie's laws ... well, you should have been there!

WAG members may join critique pods. To improve your writing, contact Pod Coordinator Connie Morrison and get involved!

Writer's Alliance members are filling the pages of journals and magazines with brilliant works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry.
Wag Tales (and below) for the latest.

Good stuff here!
Click here for the latest issue of
The WAG Digest, Vol. 4, Issue 9/10, Sept.-Oct. 2013.

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Writers Alliance Writers Are Published Writers!
"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." Maya Angelou

Very little is more pleasing to a writer than having friends who appreciate their work.
It is important to let authors and - yes, especially - publishers, know that you have read some favored selection,
that you love this writer and her or his work - especially in this day of electronic publication and closing book stores.
We invite all members of WAG to let us know when work is (or will be) published and we will happily refer
others who are fans of this site to read and enjoy.

Natalie Cornell - Yeah, Natalie! Her story Orientation Week has been published online by Lunch Ticket, a literary journal from "the MFA community Antioch University, Los Angeles." Read this story to discover how her "college career" was saved by heavy traffic and singing frat boys!

Rick Sapp's
story "A High, Desolate Place" - a paean, in a sense, to loss, loneliness and pain - was named one of the Ten Stories of Distinction in the 2014 E.M. Koeppel Short Fiction Contest sponsored by Write Corner Press - here. (The 2015 E.M. Koeppel Short Fiction $1,100 contest opens from October 2014 - April 2015.) Rick also placed in the 2013 Stories of Distinction with "The Man Who Invented Love."

WAG's Roz Miller, writer and visual artist, reports scoring a prize at the Turner Arts Center "Spring into Art" competition in Valdosta, Georgia recently. "I was stunned and thrilled," Roz says. Check out her work and the special award here. Congratulations Roz!

Felicia Lee (also see below) says she is "honored and delighted to have an essay - How Not to Reheat an Academic Career - included in the new volume '(T)here - On Returnings.' The theme of the essays is the often-discomforting experience of returning home after a prolonged time away. Those who have traveled and worked abroad can definitely relate. All proceeds from the volume, by the way, go to a nonprofit that provides microloans to small businesses and enterpreneurs in the developing world. So, not only will you be getting a good read, but you will be contributing to a good cause."

WAG's very own volunteer recording secretary Felicia Lee has had two stories recently in one of the publications edited by WAG friend Albert Isaacs, Senior Times. Her cover story in January told the story of the local slow-pitch softball club Ralph Bowden has put together. The second, in the March issue, interview a 97-year-old man who rose from private to colonel and served the United States in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Felicia, who always writes with a fine eye to suspense, also published the short story "Watching Paint Dry" in Encounters, a free bi-monthly digital publication featuring science fiction, fantasy, horror and paranormal short fiction.

Check out issue two of Dirty Chai (page 35) for a creative non-fiction story titled Me and the Boys by WAG member Wendy Thornton and learn about her mystery returning Marine veteran, her boyfriend "Rick" and the decision to hitchhike to New Orleans.

"I'm published!" writes WAG member
Aileen McCready. "Telling Our Stories Press has published an anthology entitled Reverie: Ultra Short Memoirs featuring a piece I wrote called 'Conversation with my Father.' (When I got their notice that it was being included, I thought it was for a different piece. I completely forgot that I had even submitted this one!)" Read about small things that matter to Aileen at An "independent literary imprint with a focus on the art of short memoir and personal narrative," Telling Our Stories Press is found here. Reverie is available as a paperback and in most ebook formats.

Supreme congratulations to WAG member Larry Brasington, whose sci-fi adventure novel Nell's Tavern ranked high in Amazon's Kindle Store in the War & Mystery, Thriller and Space Opera categories.

Wendy Thornton's poem Cognitive Flame Out was awarded an Honorable Mention in the spring contest of Avalon Literary Review and will be included in their hard cover book published in April. Wendy's poem Beautiful Women, Wretched Lies was accepted by White Ash Magazine, a Canadian publication with the followingnote from the editors: we "... have reached the conclusion that you are exactly the kind of writer we are looking for." Wendy's work begins, "It's easy to imagine beautiful women meeting their just rewards in endless mirrors throughout their lives. But sometimes ..." And you will need to buy the compilation to read the rest. Way to go, Wendy!

The latest issue of WAG Digest is now online here.
Read. Write. Get smart. Get happy! And more party pictures.

You Wrote It - Now Promote It!

Perhaps it falls under the topic, "No job is done until the paperwork is completed," but three published WAG authors
dish about promoting their work: Kaye Linden, Wendy Thornton and Jack Owen. Did they begin with a plan?
Did they work their plan? Did they hire a publicist? Did it take time and money? How do they distinguish
between their desire to succeed as a writer and the need to "become a brand?" (If you don't know what that
means, please Google it.) So, check WAG Tales and see what these three excellent tale-crafters have to say.
It's only a beginning. They each have a few ideas. But if you have a story to tell, you need people to read and listen.
Perhaps it's time to create Your Brand.

WAG Tales

Have you checked the WAG Tales section of your WAG website yet?
If not, dive in right now and check out insightful writing tips from published WAG members:

Stuart Woods - Best-Selling Author dishes on Motivation
Michael Wallace "MW" Gordon - Reinventing Life at 80
Linden, Thornton & Owen "You Wrote It - Now Promote It"
Art Crummer "The Writer's Life"
Karen Majorowicz "Top reasons for writing poetry"
Heman "Doc" Harris "Just give me five words ..."
Bonnie Ogle "Luck? No way!"
Rick Sapp "To Fiction or Not to Fiction ..."
Larry Brasington "Science Fiction Lives!"
Stephanie Seguin "Flying Like An Eagle"
Darlene Marshall (Eve Ackerman) about "The Joy Moment"
Jennifer Grant talks about being "ADD about Genre"
Kal Rosenberg on "Good Writing vs. Good Fiction"
Jack Owen about being a "Map Engineer"
Sandra Gail Lambert discusses "Motivation"
Felicia Lee dishes on "Why blog?"
Kaye Linden looks at the long view - "Writing Through a Slump"
Susie Baxter on "Editing & Deadlines"
Wendy Thornton talks about something fundamental to all of us - "Desire"

The Bacopa Literary Review is now alive on Twitter at @BacopaLitReview says Editor-in-Chief Gen Aris. It's
a great way to read up-to-the-minute news and information from this initiative of the Writer's Alliance of Gainesville.

Check out our "Coming Programs" page for the WAG Speaker Series!
and Wag Tales for tips and ideas from fellow WAG writers: "What works for me ..."
The Writer's Alliance is on FacebookClick here!

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