Bacopa Literary Review 

The Bacopa Literary Review, an annual print journal produced by the Writers Alliance of Gainesville,
sponsors Contests, and reviews and publishes quality General Submissions.
Bacopa seeks a diversity of styles and perspectives in fiction, poetry and nonfiction/creative nonfiction.

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Bacopa Literary Review 2014 is the 5th annual volume of poetry, creative nonfiction and fiction by authors from around the globe. 

Published by the Writers Alliance of Gainesville, Bacopa welcomes submissions to contest and general reading periods each year from authors anywhere with an internet connection. Contest winners—who receive cash awards as well as publication—and other selected contest and general submissions make up each year’s book. This year again we present an eclectic mix of voices and styles as we welcome quality, engaging work in any form. 

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The Writers Alliance 2014 Editorial Team:

Gen Aris, Editor-in-Chief/Fiction Editor
Jani Sherrard, Associate Editor
Pranada Comtois, Managing Editor
Dorothy Staley, Creative Nonfiction Editor
Eldon Turner, Poetry Editor
2014 Bacopa
2014 Bacopa

Bacopa Literary Review Fifth edition,  contains winning fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction selected from submissions worldwide.

2013 Bacopa

The 2013 edition of Bacopa Literary Review encloses 182 pages of sparkling writing from around the world.
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2011 Bacopa

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Bacopa Literary Review (2012)
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About the 2014 Bacopa Editorial Team 

Gen Aris was born in the land of Elvis in the time of Sputnik to people with a decent sense of appreciation for the arts. After a long separation from the creative life—working in the social services industry—that old romance bloomed anew. Now, a writer and all-around artsy type also working the other side of the desk in his second turn as a Bacopa editor.

Jani N. Sherrard is the author of Mother, Warrior, Pilgrim, a book of essays and poetry about feminist inspired motherhood. Winner of the Hippodrome State Theatre’s 2006 Florida Senior Playwright Festival for her play, "You Poor Thing," and the 2009 Tallahassee Writers Association Stagelight competition for her short play, "Bedtime." Recent publications include essays in Senior Times and poetry in Penumbra.

Pranada Comtois has thirty years' experience in the international publishing field. She has published essays and papers in magazines, journals, and on the Internet. She writes poetry and nonfiction and is currently working on her memoir.

Dorothy Staley grew up in Wisconsin. Upon graduating from Lawrence College with a BA in English, she took a teaching job in Anchorage, Alaska. After spending 20 years in the far north, including five in the Arctic, she accepted a technical editing job in Washington, DC. She had the good sense to migrate to Florida in 1993. Upon her retirement in 2001, she began work on her memoir and her novel Come Good Home ... now in its ninth revision.

Eldon R. Turner recently retired from the University of Florida faculty where he taught American studies and history. His academic publications include articles on early American theology, music and jurisprudence. When he was twelve, his first published poem appeared in The Smokey Valley Historical Society Newsletter. No copy survives, but he traces his interests in words and the cadence of language to that period of his life. More recently, his poems have appeared in Harpur Palate, Hemlock, Main Street Rag, Prairie Writers, Poetalk and other print and on-line journals.


Bacopa 2014 Authors

FICTION U.R. Bowie; Annika Browne; Richard Dokey; Zdravka Evtimova; Jim Fairhall (2nd Place); Nancy Scott Hanway (3rd Place); Gene Hines; Ray Keifetz; Deborah Maragopoulos; Amy Scanlan O’Hearn; John Pace; Charlotte M. Porter(1st Place); Erika D. Price Morgan; Sorrell Mary Thaler; Alison Turner; Siamak Vossoughi; Sally Yazwinski

CREATIVE NONFICTION Hi-Dong Chai; Heather Durham Emily Hipchen(3rd Place); Kaye Linden; Melani “Mele” Martinez(1st Place); Rick Sapp; JLSchneider(2nd Place); Caroline Sposto

POETRY Forest Balderson; Sheryl Clough Marguerite; (Meg) Scott Copses; Viannah E. Duncan; Alan Elyshevitz; Lucas Jacob; Tad Karmazyn; Lori Lamothe; Richard Luftig; J.S. MacLean; Belinda Meyn; Jesse Minkert; Christopher; Mulrooney; Richard King Perkins II(2nd Place); Terry Persun; Charlotte M. Porter; Mike Sheedy; David Stallings; Kelly Talbot; Jonathan Travelstead(3rd Place); Julia Wagner(1st Place)


Brock Adams; Susan Adams; Kathleen Alcalá; Jeffrey Alfier; Patrick Anderson; Valerie Ann Asay; Tim Baehr; Cécile Barlier; Q Lindsey Barrett; Mary Bast; Anders Benson; R. Michael Benson; Edward Black; Jenn Blair; Mary W. Bridgman; Jordanna Faye Brown; Erika Brumett; Amy Bunker; Kathy Burkett; Dorothy Duncan Burris; Roger Callan; Douglas Campbell; Joni Carter; Margaret F. Chen; Charlotte Berchtold Chung; Sally Clark; 

Tobi Cogswell; Fallon Collins; Abbie Copeland; Chris Crittenden; Arthur Crummer; Ron D’Alena; Darren Demaree; Krikor N. Der Hohannesian; Peggy Douglas; Tracy Lee Duffy; Laura Eppinger; Louis Faber; Kim Farleigh; Dion Farquhar; Esta Fischer; Anne Fox; Janet Freeman; Carol Frischmann; Janice Moore Fuller; Jennifer Grant; KJ Hannah Greenberg; Jenn Gutiérrez; Stephanie Barbé Hammer; JoeAnn Hart; Jacqueline Haskins; Nancy Hastie; 

Kelly Hayes-Raitt; Dixon Hearne; Mureall Hébert; Bruce Hoch; Mary Ruth Howes; Clinton Van Inman; Sue Lile Inman; Mark William Jackson; Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Mark Jakpa; Grier Jewell; Brad Johnson; Angela Masterson Jones; Nick D’Annunzio Jones; Elaine Jordan; Dustin Junkert; Tad Karmazyn; Miriam Karmel; Haley Katzan; Timothy Kercher; Tomer Konowiecki; Tom Larsen; Joy Shayne Laughter; Samantha Lê; Wanda Legend; 

Indah Lestari; David Lewitsky; Stephanie Lile; Kaye Linden; Sara L. Long; Richard Luftig; Cinda C. MacKinnon; Karen Majorowicz; Mandy Manning; JW Mark; Simone Martel; Lucian Mattison; Jen McConnell; Ed McCourt; Robert McGowan; David McLean; Stefon Mears; Karla Linn Merrifield; George Moore; Keith Moul; Jane (Sheindal) Muller; Gillis Murray; Jed Myers; Stanley M. Noah; Charles Patrick Norman; Suzanne Nielsen; James O’Brien; 

Bonnie Ogle; Jeremiah O’Hagan; Colleen O’Neil; Pohlin Ong; Lauro Palomba; Melissa Pheterson; Kenneth Pobo; John Poch; Joe Ponepinto; Richard L. Provencher; Arthur G. Queale; Kay Rawls; Natalie Reuther; John Baird Rogers; Evelyn Ann Romano; Kal Rosenberg; Garrett Rowlan; Colleen Runyan; Don Russ; Lynn Veach Sadler; Rick Sapp; James Schmidt; JLSchneider; Diana Schuh; Suzanne Schwertley; Jonathan H. Scott; Stephanie Sequin; 

Marian Kaplun Shapiro; Carol Skipper; Patty Somlow; Sb Sowbel; Dorothy Staley; Juned Subhan; Kaz Sussman; Marsha Temlock; Kaitlyn Tiffany; Greg Turner; Samantha Claire Updegrave; David Wagoner; Gina Warren; John J. White; Carolyne Wright; Vincen Gregory Y. Yu.